About Me

Thanks for stumbling upon my photography work. Thanks even more for being interested enough in clicking through to the about page to learn a bit more about me.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing in the world of telling my story through capturing the world around me–but I hope you'll check in now and again to see what I'm up to.

I started tinkering in photography forever ago, but never really took it up until more recently as I was looking for another creative outlet for myself–despite already being a designer & musician. I'm impressed with those that can fluidly tell a beautiful, vivid story through their photographic works, and I hope to achieve that in my own archive one day. What an elegant way to capture my life and experiences. I look forward to seeing what I create and how it resonates with those around me.

Outside of creativity, I am a husband to my stunning wife, Meagan. I have two Eskie dogs, Alastor & Remus, whom I absolutely adore, two crazy long-haired eccentric (in their own ways) cats, Luna & Crookshanks, and a slithering vibrant corn snake, Walter. All of which keep me company day in and day out.

I don't care for the term, but I am a "foodie." My wife and my best bud Matthew have introduced me to a world of wonderful foods and beverages–with them my life and my belly remain full (and albeit, a bit round now...)

I continue to look for inspiration in the world that surrounds me, and I hope to find more creatives in my journey as one that documents my life experiences through photography–so please reach out if my mission resonates with you. I'd love to catch up.



Lombard, IL

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